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... I studied loads, fell in love, got my heart broken, mashed to pieces like so many -I learned from that more than anything. I’m from London, and my current books are a complete homage to this fact. But, a long time ago I ran away from London to do a degree in Philosophy and Drama. From this, I learned about theories, of life, of how things are put together, and what often lies underneath, from subtext to structure. Also I realised that I was attracted to the hidden depths, the things we don't talk about.


This obsession with what's underneath, what we hide from, led me on to my Masters in Psychotherapy. This is where I learned about what makes us tick and what drives us. I am also fascinated by the things that give people meaning in life, from faith to karma, from science to symbolism and even psychological astrology. These themes and ideas run silently, and sometimes vividly through my books.

I write because I must, I need to express all of this, and also because it gives me immense pleasure to paint a picture for someone else, to make them see the colours, to feel the scene; it makes life worth living.

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