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Here, I like to let you know about upcoming work and works in progress, as well as readings and all other types of events to come.


Is my new novel, set in London Town, it's working title was Nemesis, and also, Love is Dead... I started with the basic premise:

If you had the chance for revenge, even years later, would you take it?

I will let you know when Siren will be available for purchase.

Current inspirations


Exploration of the stories around the Goddess Nemesis, English country stately homes with green swimming pools. Stories about Atlantis and Lemuria. Medea, Circe, ideas of Karma, Fate and soulmates... This is for the latest novel I am working on, working title: Home.

Read my Interview!
Find out all about what inspires me, my writing process, and why I took a solo journey  at  Under the Emerging Writers section. Or click here:
*well I did seem to have an interview here but as with all things internet I'm not sure where it's gone.


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